Titanic sucks. If sentences, too !


If the captain hadn´t wanted to break the transatlantic speed record, he wouldn´t have decided to sail as fast as possible.


If the radio warnings had reached him, he would not have continued at top speed.


If the lookouts had seen the the iceberg soon enough, the ship would have had time to turn away.


If the ice hadn´t cut a long hole in her side, it would have been possible for the ship to survive.


If his radio operator hadn´t bee asleep, the captain of the Californian, 30 kilometres away, would have heard about the Titanic´s radio calls for help.


If the California had tried to reach the Titanic, she would have been able to help save the 1500 people in the water.


If the Titanic had had enough lifeboats, many passengers wouldn´t died in the freezing water.


The Carpathian, 80 kilometres away, hadn´t heard the Titanic´s radio calls and came to the rescue, the 700 people in the lifeboats would have died like the people in the water.